Bergamo Espansi is increasingly at the forefront of innovation, each year the company invests a significant portion of its turnover  in Research and Development, an area that involves several of its collaborators’ energies. 

Employees and collaborators   are daily engaged in studying and developing increasingly more suitable products   and with ever higher performances.

An exploration aimed at evaluating the use of new materials or the advantages offered by the new innovative disciplines.

It is on this foundation that Bergamo Espansi’s ability to propose new ideas and new solutions to customers is born.

The properties of expanded polystyrene  and 100% hygienic polypropylene foam, do not undergo the production of mold, it is waterproof and extremely light: for these characteristics it is one of the most widely used polymers in industry, construction and commerce.

It is a continuous research that is not limited to the development and development of products    but which also includes the experimentation of new materials, the search for Biocompatible materials and Prototyping.

Revolutionary solutions able to improve the industrialization of the product paying particular attention to energy consumption and environmental impact;

But it is continuous research, supported by significant economic investments, the winning weapon of Bergamo Espansi that, thanks to this orientation, maintains a constant technological advantage.

In recent years, in addition to the new boiler, the new water treatment system and the cooling tower, more than 60% of new presses have been replaced and installed with the latest technology.