Security in recent years has become the watchword for articles related to early childhood. We have seen many articles born and grow, there are numerous infant equipment, different in shape and density, depending on the age group.

We pay particular attention to these productions. We follow every step of the processing step by step – from the raw material to the shipment – with scrupulous checks, frequent registrations and conformity release.

For many years we have worked with companies in the safety helmets sector. We produce HELMETS CYCLE, MOTORCYCLE, SKI, HIPPIC, ROCK, CLIMBING New technologies allow us to obtain excellent results, reconciling safety with aesthetics in the best way. In the various models of helmets, straps and inserts are drowned and then molded with multi-part polycarbonates and colors.

We reserve strict controls for safety articles, the controls and the subsequent results are formalized and issued as copies to the customer