Expanded polystyrene articles for the packaging industry. Thanks to its non-toxic characteristics, excellent thermal capacity and absolute hygiene, polystyrene or polystyrene is the ideal material for the most varied uses: from food preservation, to packaging of all kinds of items: heavy, light, fragile and delicate.

The extreme versatility and ease of processing of polystyrene make it a thermoplastic polymer used in the food industry, in the production of technical items, in construction and other countless activities and sectors. Its foamy nature makes it perfect to be modeled in all the desired shapes, from bead to disk, up to slabs. Furthermore, its chemical and physical composition makes polystyrene an element inert to corrosive agents, a material with reduced thermal conductivity and effective as a thermal insulator, in addition to the fact that it is self-extinguishing and is also an excellent acoustic insulator.

It adapts perfectly to the use for the protection of objects and food preservation; helmets for shaped motorcycles and food boxes, trays, pot holders, fragile objects, insulating panels for the building industry, containers for household appliances and other items are made of polystyrene sheets, sheets, profiles, shapes, as the expanded polystyrene has high cushioning capacity. The competence of the staff and the high technological level of the machines make the Bergamo company a point of reference in the supply of packaging systems tailored to customer needs.

Through EPS processing techniques the company produces innumerable shapes and objects in polystyrene, composite packaging also with shaped or unformed profiles.

The properties of polystyrene: 100% hygienic, it does not undergo mold production, it is waterproof and extremely light: for these characteristics it is one of the most widely used polymers in industry, construction and commerce.