For the environment bergamo espansi is committed to protecting the health of its people, natural resources and the environment. Bergamo espansi actively promotes sustainable and responsible industrial development, which is appreciated by local communities. This commitment goes beyond compliance with the laws, favoring the integration of best environmental practices in all company decisions.

All the production phases are required, as far as technologically possible, to reduce the environmental impact: particular attention is paid to the application and constant development of technologies that allow energy and water savings, the reduction of emissions, including greenhouse gases, and the adoption of waste recycling strategies. All products made within the supply chain must meet the highest environmental standards of the relevant market segment, both for the materials and substances used and for the related health, safety and manufacturing environment processes. For the design and development of products and production processes, bergamo espansi is actively engaged in the search for increasingly advanced technological solutions, aimed at reducing waste and polluting agents, conserving resources and recycling materials, in order to promote sustainable development and minimize environmental impact.

Every employee of bergamo espans actively contribute to reducing waste and polluting agents, preserving resources and recycling materials. In particular, it undertakes to: – separate the waste, in accordance with the procedures in force in the various locations, – minimize water consumption, – reduce energy consumption as much as possible. • each direct manager must promote environmental awareness, making employees aware of environmental sustainability issues, and make sure they adopt responsible behavior.


Quality for bergamo espansi means pursuing excellence through high quality and timely performance aimed at achieving corporate objectives and customer satisfaction through:

  • commitment
  • customer focus

To date, bergamo espansi can count on 70% of the renewed plant

In the last 5 years bergamo espansi has replaced 50% of the presses; the new boiler and new compressors; inserting latest generation machines improving product quality and reducing energy consumption.

Furthermore, the recirculation of water in a closed cycle was optimized with the new cooling tower and the hot air with the new hot chamber.

Health and safety at workplace

Health and safety in the workplace respect for individual and collective health is one of the imperative principles that govern all of bergamoespansi’s activities and, therefore, it cannot be violated in any company decision or by any employee.

Bergamoespansi pursues these primary objectives by implementing state-of-the-art technologies in all its structures and through specific training and communication activities aimed at making all employees aware of these aspects.

Zero-injuries is the main priority of bergamo espansi in terms of safety in all its establishments. Bergamo espansi pursues this objective by committing itself to guarantee the safety of all its offices and establishments in accordance with the highest applicable standards and promoting awareness of this primary objective in all its employees.

Protection of information and intellectual property rights

Protection of information and personal data bergamo espansi ensures the protection of information and personal data relating to its employees and third parties or those of any stakeholder and avoids improper use, limiting the access of data to employees who need them information / data for organizational and business purposes, in compliance with applicable laws and the requirements of best practices for the protection of privacy. Bergamo espansi adopts adequate rules for the processing of personal data within its facilities and for their storage and preservation, in compliance with preventive security measures in order to avoid their unlawful use, destruction, loss or access or unauthorized processing.

The property rights on the knowledge developed in the workplace of bergamo espansi belong to the latter, which has the right to use them as such in accordance with applicable laws. Each employee is required to actively contribute, in the context of his / her duties and responsibilities, to the protection and management of intellectual property in order to allow its development, protection and growth. Furthermore, all employees must refrain from altering or forging patents, designs and / or industrial projects.