Thanks to its excellent thermal qualities and complete non-toxicity (it does not contain CFCs and HCFCs) and absolute hygiene, EPS is perfect for storing food (cold, hot, frozen) and all products sensitive to temperature changes.

We produce large, medium and small containers supplied with the relative cover. We have presses that allow the realization of surfaces that are crystallized, therefore waterproof and more resistant. With this technique we have created our own line of ice cream trays that do not require interiors. We produce lines with special shapes to meet market demands.

The line of thermal containers for food includes polystyrene packages and containers for cold and hot foods and related products for the food industry. The food boxes in eps Bergamo Espansi ensure high thermal performance. They are ideal for storing food and for their maximum hygienic protection.

The polystyrene, expanded polyester, has a closed cellular structure, and consists essentially of air. The characteristics therefore guarantee these isothermal food containers an extreme lightness and practicality.